HY79/09 mounted on 4×4 truck



Hold back/Pull down system through hydraulic cylinder and steel cables

Stroke: 6400 mm
Hold back: 50 kN
​Pull down: 25 kN
Base clamp dump: 600 mm

Drill head

Passage: ø168 mm
Torque: 5500 Nm
RPM: 0-120

​Hydraulic hoisting winch

Line pull: 10 kN
Steel cable: 8 mm

Free fall winch

Line pull: 10 kN
Steel cable: 8 mm
Stroke of percussion: 32-48 mm
Length of stroke: 0,2-1

CanBus steering

Additional options that are possible

  • ​Display showing all informations of the rigs status
  • Different drill head models
  • Larger hold back/pull down power and speed
  • Different types of winches
  • Rotary table units
  • Drill pipe manipulation system
  • Percussion device
  • Winch cable push-out arm
  • Mast dump (mast height adjustment)
  • Automatic greasing system
  • CPT function
  • Hydraulic chuck
  • Break-o-matic
  • Top crane
  • Oil inliners and foam pump
  • Can be mounted on crawler instead of truck

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